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Variable Capacity Tanks

La Garde has developed cylindrical variable capacity tanks which are adapted to the market needs. They possess innovative features that simplify their handling, emptying and cleaning. A flanged connection at 2’’ of the bottom at the front in addition to a 5° sloped bottom allows for a better emptying flow. In addition, a swivel arm, on ball bearings with pulleys, allows for the lid to be easily lifted.

  • 2" Butterfly Valve (other sizes available on demand)
  • 2" Ball Valve (other sizes available on demand)
  • Anti-seismic anchor plates
  • Forklift Support System
  • Hooks to lift the Tank from the top
  • Manufactured of grade 304 stainless steel, # 4 finish on the outside
  • Volumetric capacity of 613 and 900 US gal.
  • Height adjustable legs and feet
  • Tasting tap
  • Slate for data logging.
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