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Don’t cut corners

Don’t skimp on quality

La Garde high-end tanks are crafted by experts and uphold the highest standards in the wine industry. The quality of your fermentation tanks is an important factor in the quality of the wine and La Garde manufactures tanks that allows you to express the unique characteristics of your vineyard throughout your wines.


Space optimization

The unusual shape of our tanks allows you to increase your production by maximizing the space in your cellar. On the same footprint, La Garde tanks contain at least 22% more liquid volume than conventional cylindrical tanks of comparable depth and widths.

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Optimized Fermentation

Due to their cubic and rectangular shape, La Garde tanks maximize the skin-to-juice contact, thus maximizing the extraction of the grapes properties. The distinct shape of our tanks increases the contact area between the grapes pulp, skin and juice by at least 25%. In addition, the robust glycol belts surrounding our tanks, allows the content of the tanks to remain at the desired temperature creating an ideal environment for an optimal fermentation.

Easy to clean

La Garde stainless steel tanks provide unparalleled aseptic conditions. Our experienced team members carefully polish not only the outside, but also the inner welds and surfaces of our wine tanks, to give them a uniform smooth finish preventing cap, seeds and MOG from sticking to it. Thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria and other harmful organisms. This attention to detail greatly simplifies the rinsing process and significantly reduces the time required for cleaning allowing for exceptional quality control. Also, the unparalleled interior finish of La Garde wine tanks allows you to protect the environment by dramatically reducing the amount of water, chemicals and energy required for cleaning.


Each of our tanks are carefully hand polished to ensure that no welds are visible, either inside or out. Their clean lines meet the requirements of the most prestigious wineries and are worthy of the care and expertise that goes into the making of your creations.

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