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Don’t cut corners

Don’t skimp on quality

The high-end tanks from La Garde Inox are crafted by experienced experts and set the highest standards in the wine industry. The quality of your fermentation tanks is an important factor that influences the quality of the wine. La Garde Inox manufactures tanks that will allow you to express the characteristics of your vineyard in your wines.


Space optimization

The distinctive shape of our tanks enables enhanced production by efficiently utilizing the space in your cellar. In terms of equivalent area, La Garde Inox tanks provide space savings of at least 22%.

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Every weld on both exterior and interior surface undergoes meticulous hand-polishing. This method guarantees a surface finish of exceptional quality that aligns with the highest standards.

Thanks to our efficiency expertise, we accomplish remarkable savings of up to 90% in water and chemicals during the cleaning process. Moreover, our pioneering methodology facilitates a noteworthy reduction in cleaning time—resulting in a 50% decrease compared to conventional methods.

Optimized Extraction

Due to their cubic and rectangular shape, La Garde Inox tanks increase contact between the grape skins and the juice, thereby optimizing the extraction of tannins from the grapes.

The distinct shape of our tanks enhances the contact area between the pulp, skin, and grape juice by a minimum of 25%. In addition, the robust belts surrounding our tanks are designed to hold glycol, which enables the content of the tanks to be kept at a desired temperature. This creates the ideal environment for optimal fermentation.


By choosing thicker stainless steel and glycol-based temperature regulation belts, we ensure improved thermal conductivity and enhanced temperature control. This enhancement in thermal control can lead to energy savings of up to 50%.


Every one of our tanks undergoes meticulous hand-polishing, rendering any welds invisible both inside and outside.

The refined design not only satisfies the requirements of the most esteemed wineries but also mirrors the dedication and artistry invested in the crafting of your creations.

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Stainless steel products from La Garde Inox are distinguished by their exclusive features, manufactured with excellence.