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Open Top Tanks

Our open top fermenters are available with or without lids. They feature a rectangular autoclave-type door and each of them is fitted with glycol thermoregulation belts which ensure optimal temperature control.

The bottom of the tanks are inclined, allowing for a better flow and a flanged connection to ensure efficient drainage and complete cleaning. They offer the same exceptional finish as our closed tanks, with polished interior and exterior welds making cleaning very easy.

  • Oval autoclave door
  • Additional thermoregulation belts
  • Thermometers
  • Screen strainers for must retention
  • Juice level indicator with tri-way purge
  • Seismic anchor plates
  • Built-in ladder support
  • Selection of tri-clamps, connectors, butterfly and ball valves
  • Manufactured of grade 304 stainless steel, # 4 finish on the outside
  • Volumetric capacity ranging from 500 to 3600 US gal.
  • Height adjustable legs and feet
  • Lifting brackets on 4 sides
  • Tasting tap
  • Slate for data logging.
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