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Closed top Tanks

Our closed top tanks are equipped with rectangular autoclave-type doors at the front. The bottom of our tanks are inclined, allowing for a better flow with a flanged connection to ensure efficient drainage and complete cleaning.

Each tank is fitted with glycol thermoregulation belts, which ensure optimal temperature control. The special hand polished finish on the interior of the tank, as well as all polished welds on our tanks, enable easy and efficient cleaning.

  • Oval autoclave door
  • Additional thermoregulation belts
  • Thermometers
  • Selection of top manways of different sizes with lids (EPDM gaskets) and protective screens
  • Factory installed pump-over pipes with C-clamp type connectors
  • Screen strainers for must retention
  • Rotary decanter elbow
  • Juice level indicator with tri-way purge
  • Seismic anchor plates
  • Built-in ladder support
  • Rotating nozzle (360°) for optimal irrigation
  • Selection of tri-clamps, connectors, butterfly and ball valves
  • Manufactured of grade 304 stainless steel, # 4 finish on the outside
  • Rectangular autoclave door
  • Volumetric capacity of the stackable model is up to 500 US gal
  • Height adjustable legs and feet
  • 24'' top manway
  • Lifting brackets on 4 sides
  • Tasting tap
  • Slate for data logging
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