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In the wine industry, space is often a limited and precious resource. The design of your cellar can have a significant impact on production and efficiency. That’s why La Garde Inox has created stainless steel fermentation tanks with a distinctive shape that allows for optimal use of your cellar space. In this article, we will explore how our tanks can help you save at least 22% of space compared to an equivalent surface area.

A Distinctive Shape for Maximum Efficiency

The unique shape of our tanks has been designed to maximize space utilization. Unlike traditional tanks that can be bulky and difficult to arrange, our tanks are designed to fit perfectly into your cellar, enabling better space management.

Quantifiable Space Savings

According to our calculations, using La Garde Inox tanks can result in space savings of at least 22%. This means you can utilize this additional space to increase your production, store more wine, or even add new facilities.

Benefits Beyond Space

Not only do our tanks allow you to save space, but they also offer other benefits such as durability, ease of cleaning, and fermentation efficiency. Thus, you do not compromise on quality while optimizing space.


Space optimization is a key element for any business seeking to maximize efficiency and profitability. La Garde Inox tanks are not only high-performing and durable; they are also designed to help you make the most of your available space. By choosing our tanks, you take a step closer to more efficient and profitable production.

Space Optimization: How La Garde Inox Tanks Maximize Your Cellar's Efficiency