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Fermentation is a crucial step in producing high-quality wine. At La Garde Inox, we have designed our tanks to maximize this essential process. With their cubic and rectangular shape, our tanks increase the contact between grape skins and juice, optimizing the extraction of tannins. In this article, we will explore how our tanks enhance wine quality and facilitate the fermentation process.

Greater Surface Area Contact

The distinctive shape of our tanks increases the contact surface area between pulp, skin, and grape juice by at least 25%. This increase allows for better extraction of tannins, resulting in superior wine quality.

Robust Belts for Optimal Temperature Control

Our tanks are surrounded by robust belts designed to contain glycol. This helps maintain the tank contents at an ideal temperature, creating the optimal environment for fermentation.

Benefits of Greater Surface Area Contact

  • Improved tannin extraction
  • Enhanced punch-downs
  • Higher wine quality

Finer Marc Cap

The design of our tanks also facilitates the execution of punch-downs, making the process more efficient and less labor-intensive.


La Garde Inox doesn’t just manufacture fermentation tanks; we create tools that optimize every step of the wine production process. Through the innovative design of our tanks, we are able to offer a solution that improves not only fermentation efficiency but also the quality of the resulting wine.

Fermentation Optimization: How La Garde Inox Tanks Improve Wine Quality